About fair

Traditionally, during the winter holidays, in the decoration illuminated by thousands of lights, the squares of European cities are transformed into themed fairs. In this place meet all merchants who sell all kinds of Christmas gifts: sweets, toys and decorations. On the colourful stands you can find not only products mass-produced by large factories, but also some products handmade by local artisans: wood figurines and toys, puppets, candles.    

At fairs also are areas aimed for entertainment, gastronomic areas and the residence of Santa Claus.  For younger visitors, there are special workshops, where they can make with their little hands globes and gifts for loved ones. 

Thus, for several weeks, the squares become a fairy tale scenery enveloped in the scent of baked apples, mulled wine, nuts and cinnamon cookies.  This is the place where people can feel the true spirit of the winter holidays, where they forget all their worries, where they can drink a cup of hot chocolate with winter songs and carols as background atmosphere.   

This wonderful experience has been taken over by the Orhei’s mayor, Ilan Shor, in his first year in office. With the support of the Public Association "For Orhei", during the winter holidays, the city center is transformed into a fairy tale.